I am a PhD Candidate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown University where I am wrapping up my dissertation on the genetics of complex traits, specifically insect locomotion. I use a Drosophila model to identify and validate genetic factors that affect flies’ ability to climb and fly.

My past and current projects all center around the study of the genetic modifiers affecting complex traits and diseases. One published collaboration asked how different mitochondrial-nuclear genetic pairings affected athletic training and performance in flies. Another project developed a Python-based fly tracking platform to longitudinally measure climbing kinematics of cohorts of flies. This platform is actively used in a collaboration to monitor the locomotor capability of a novel model of ALS in Drosophila with and without several candidate rescue genes. My current focus aims to identify the additive and epistatic loci, genes, and interaction networks underlying flight performance and phenotype robustness in Drosophila. [Academic]

In addition to my research, I am a strong advocate for Graduate student wellness at Brown. I am a certified group fitness instructor with Brown Recreation teaching High Intensity Interval Training classes and I lead a social workout group called Astronaut Training targeted at Graduate students. This past year, I was a Graduate Community co-Fellow for Health and Wellness where I led an initiative to eliminate the financial barrier to group fitness classes by making them free for all Graduate and Medical students. My latest project is in collaboration with Brown Dining Services, seeking to establish a budget-focused, healthful cooking workshop for Graduate students. [Advocate]

In my spare time, I can be found swimming and biking, competing in triathlons, or National Park-ing. Rainy days, I try my hand programming micro-computers that crawl Twitter or around my apartment, and holding back my pup from inevitably chasing after them. [Athletic | Artistic]