I am a computational biologist passionate about translating novel technologies into life changing therapies and companion diagnostics. My time in industry has focused on small molecule drug discovery, though my graduate and postdoc work was on quantitative genetics. Regardless, I am eager to engage with exciting biology with the potential to improve patients’ lives.

Faze Medicines

Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Indication Selection and Target Identification

My earliest work at Faze Medicines datamining the Cancer Dependency Map (DepMap) led to target identification and target validation of a gene associated with biomolecular condensates. Faze was in the process of screening compounds to target this protein though it was halted due to the dissolution of Faze.

Uncovering Phase Separating Oncofusions

I led the computational efforts aimed at identifying potentially phase separating oncofusions–chimeric proteins that cause or are associated with cancer–and their affiliated indications. The top candidates were nominated for laboratory-based experiments, feeding the pipeline for future drug discovery efforts.

High-Throughput Imaging Screens

During my time at Faze, I was the lead computational contributor on two high-throughput, high-content imaging screens: one for small molecules and one genetic/CRISPR. Both focused on finding targets that modulated condensate dynamics in cancer cells lines carrying a specific condensate-associated oncofusion, previously identified in my oncofusion work.


Insect Flight Performance

Flies are called flies because they fly. And yet, despite their use as a genetic model, we know surprisingly little about the genetic modifiers affecting flight in a natural population…until now!

Insect Climbing Performance

Flies’ ability to climb is an established metric of their health. I developed a novel (and award-winning) approach to quantify climbing performance in an automated and high-throughput framework that avoids systematic bias and increases data transparency.

Fellowship Research

What do a mind-controlling, host-parasite interaction and bacteria sequenced from a meter-long core of a New England salt pond have in common? Both were the focus of separate, interdisciplinary research projects I participated in during my graduate career.



Throughout my undergraduate and graduate schooling, I worked to promote physical, mental and emotional health through exercise. From creating a healthy housing choice at Colby College to an initiative for free fitness classes for graduate and medical students at Brown University, I designed and implemented programs that empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices.


As a fitness and racing enthusiast, I transitioned my life from the pool as an NCAA Division III swimmer onto land where I am now a certified group fitness instructor. I enjoy training for triathlons, going for long road bike rides, and leading Astronaut Training, a social workout club I founded at Brown University.


Perspective can make big things look small and small things look big. I enjoy taking advantage of this phenomenon to view the world a bit differently. I pose and photograph toy dinosaurs and dolls interacting with the natural and urban worlds, as well as Boston’s fluffiest pup.

Contact me

Feel free to reach out with questions, requests for papers, FreeClimber help, and career opportunities.