In 2014, I was struck head on by a car while cycling. I experienced extensive soft tissue damage to my right side and a traumatic brain injury that went from concussion to post-concussive syndrome in the years that followed. My temporary loss of ability, followed by my identity, left me with few coping strategies. My doctor recommended I take up something physical (when the time was right), something spiritual (being outdoors), and something artistic. Having spent the majority of my schooling between the library and a pool, I never had a chance to develop my artistic side. So in lieu of my ability to think, move, or process the world around me, I sought creative outlets that allowed me to retain my sense of self without compromising my recovery.

I was initially inspired by a photography project called Stormtroopers 365 [link] I had seen years before that struck me. While I couldn’t read, write, or follow an extended conversation, I could pose a doll and snap a picture with my phone. So with $10 as my budget’s upper limit for a half-hearted attempt at doing “art,” I picked up two dolls and some dinosaurs, and began posing them around Providence.

This objectively bizarre pasttime served its purpose and gave me something to do when I was finished alphabetizing crayons between coloring pages. While the early work is a bit rough around the edges, I eventually hit my stride and continue to develop my eye. Now, I am curating my portfolio of pictures of taken of these toys interacting with their environment in State and National Parks.

In addition to working with toys, I also enjoy photodocumenting adventures with my very fluffy dog, Rhody. He is generally photogenic, whether or not the picture of the day captures that.

Samples to come…