My Mission

To play a key role in improving the health of my community. Professionally, I plan to develop diagnostic tools and preventative measures against complex diseases.

My Education

I grew up in southern New Hampshire before heading to Colby College (Waterville, ME). Here, I earned my B.A. (with Honors) in 2013 in Biology: Cell and Molecular Biology/Biochemistry and minored in Chemistry. Upon graduation, I joined a Ph.D. program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown University where I earned my M.Sc. (2018) and Ph.D. (2020) studying the genetic architecture of flight and climbing performance in Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies).

My Approach

I am an open-minded and driven middle child who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

I am a big picture thinker with strong visual-spatial reasoning and problem solving skills; I can see creative solutions to problems and can execute them in a sequential-thinking world.

I enjoy learning new methods and techniques that challenge me to step outside my comfort zone and grow as an individual.

Five-year plan

Over the next five years, I see myself working at a small to mid-size biotech company in the Boston/Cambridge area. My plan is to work as a health data scientist and computational biologist designing diagnostic pipelines, eventually working my way towards a more senior or head researcher position.