I was a competitive swimmer from the age of six. I co-founded my high school’s swim team and was an NCAA Division III swimmer throughout my time at Colby College. I have since transitioned to other racing sports: sprint triathlons, cycling, and road races (5k through half marathon). In addition to playing intramural sports (softball, ultimate frisbee, hockey, cornhole doubles), I also stay active as a certified group fitness instructor. Leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, I taught High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Speed & Agility, and cycling classes [link]. While the pandemic put Brown’s group fitness program on hold, I became an independent instructor and led virtual (low-impact) HIIT classes for the Brown University Graduate Student Council.

Prior to graduation, I also founded and lead a workout group called Astronaut Training [link]. This Brown University-sanctioned club, aimed to improve physical, mental, and emotional wellness through social, group exercise. Leading up to the pandemic shutdown, we met consistently twice weekly for morning workouts since our informal beginning in 2015.